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Artist M

My alternate has worked at Universal Studios and Knotts for 10 years. Deb has worked with M at Universal Studios for 4 years. He is an awesome artist. M is one of only two artist I trust with my clients. Ypu can expect him to show up on time and appropriately dressed for the occasion. He is courteous and a pleasure to deal with.  His drawings are cute and fun. Same prices, same procedure for booking.


I just want to thank you. M was amazing. We had several guess requesting his contact information. I'm sure we'll be contacting you again.  Thank you"!


"M was wonderful. He established an instant rapport with the kids from the very beginning. They stayed engaged throughout and enjoyed every minute. Thank you".


"K & M were terrific to work with and a huge hit. I'll keep you on my preferred activity vendor list. Hope to meet you sometime soon".


Hi Deb,

"M was great thanks for inquiring

Everyone loved their pictures

He was very nice to work with

We will definitely recommend you guys in the future :)"



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